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Gaoda Packaging (HK) Co.,Limited

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Mobile Phone: 13691632590

Email: sales@gaodaeva.com.cn

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Address: Block 1, 3-4 Floor , No.327, GuanPing Road, GuanLan County, BaoAn District, ShenZhen, China

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Gaoda Packaging (HK) Co.,Limited a professional China carrying case, protective case, EVA carrying case, EVA protective case manufacturer and supplier with productive factory, is always at your service.

  • PB025

    Contact NowPB025Product Name:EVA power back caseProduct Number:PB025Product Description:black pattern nylon material, rectangular power bank case, single puller zipper with wrist beltProduct size:Product size:16L x 11W x 4.5TRead More2015-12-14

  • LA007

    Contact NowLA007Product Name:EVA laptop case 18", RFID shielding protetction with password lockerProduct Number:LA007Product Description:Nylon material, rectangular laptop case, RFID shielding function to protect computerRead More2015-12-15

  • CA009

    Contact NowCA009Product Name:EVA camera caseProduct Number:CA009Product Description:Jersy material with leather buckle, fashion style, generalized type, carrying camera case, portable, shock proofProduct size:Product size: 4.8Read More2015-11-05

  • LAS009

    Contact NowLAS009Product Name:Laptop sleeve 16"Product Number:LAS009Product Description:Neoprene material with patternProduct size:Product size:28.5L x 41.5W cmMaterial:NeopreneRead More2015-12-15

  • LAS008

    Contact NowLAS008Product Name:Laptop sleeve 18"Product Number:LAS008Product Description:Neoprene material with patternProduct size:Product size:32L x 44W cmMaterial:NeopreneRead More2015-12-15

  • LAS007

    Contact NowLAS007Product Name: Laptop sleeve 16" Product Number: LAS007 Product Description: Neoprene material with pattern Product size: Product size:28.5L x 40.5W cm MaterRead More2015-12-15

  • LAS006

    Contact NowLAS006Product Name:Laptop sleeve 15"Product Number:LAS006Product Description:Neoprene material with patternProduct size:Product size:27L x 39W cmMaterial:NeopreneRead More2015-12-15

  • LAS005

    Contact NowLAS005Product Name:Laptop sleeve 14"Product Number:LAS005Product Description:Neoprene material with patternProduct size:Product size:25.5L x 37W cmMaterial:NeopreneRead More2015-12-15

  • LAS004

    Contact NowLAS004Product Name:Laptop sleeve 12" 13" 15"Product Number:LAS004Product Description:black thickened high elasticity neoprene material with side bag for accesoriesProduct size:Product size:21.5L x 30WRead More2015-12-15

  • LAS003

    Contact NowLAS003Product Name:Laptop sleeve 15"Product Number:LAS003Product Description:Neoprene material with patternProduct size:Product size:27.5L x 38.5W cmMaterial:NeopreneRead More2015-12-15

  • LAS002

    Contact NowLAS002Product Name:Laptop sleeve 13"Product Number:LAS002Product Description:Neoprene material with red colorProduct size:Product size:26L x 34.5W cmMaterial:NeopreneRead More2015-12-15

  • LAS001

    Contact NowLAS001Product Name:Laptop sleeve 13"Product Number:LAS001Product Description:Neoprene material with patternProduct size:Product size:25.5L x 33W cmMaterial:NeopreneRead More2015-12-15

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Gaoda Packaging (HK) Co.,Limited

Add:Address: Block 1 , 3-4 Floor , No. 327, GuanPing Road , GuanLan County , BaoAn District ,ShenZhen China
Tel: 86-755-2803 5363
Fax: 86-755-2803 5363


Gaoda Packaging (HK) Co.,Limited